the common enough frequent blog of Jemma Reeves and the long awaited never witnessed blog of Tim reeves, who have embarked on a cross Canada tour

Blog about science

So today we had our first day off (not including the 2 days at cornerstone) and we went to the SCIENCE centre of Toronto. It was pretty legit. They had an elephant heart, and it was massive. We had no idea that they were that big. Zoltan and Lauren made a amazing dinner for us consisting of homemade veggie burgers and strawberries from Zoltans mother. On a music note, I have decided that Mitchell is officially the leading castenet player in the band. just thought Id let you know, hope thats ok Mitch. Here is the reason I started writing this blog, to tell you Shona the cool sciency thing I learned today at the science centre. I learned that people milk venom from poisonous snakes and then in order to create an antidote, they inject it in a horse then once it has develop an immunity to the poison they extract the blood and ”purify” it so that they can inject it into people. I thought that was really cool. Miss you Shon, hope you enjoyed that little science quip. Love, Jem 

The dawning of a new age

Behind Tims calm facad is a giddy school girl, excited to finally have his mac. Although we seem to continually hack eachother on this blog, it is really a bonding experience. I am almost just as excited as Tim to have his new computer as he is, because as now we can both be on our computers without worrying if the other will hack our facebook. We have been enjoying toronto, last night we got a tour of the Rogers Sports net home base, if you will, Zoltans bud worked the night shift so he showed us around after we had to fill out paperwork so that we could get out of the building once we were in it. That was quite amazing, rooms filled with massive buttons and equipment and locks to the bathrooms. Each key specifically gained you entrance into only one gender bathroom, so if you grabbed the wrong key, i guess you just cant go. We are currently residing at Zoltans mothers house, it is very lovaly with a awsome cuddly cat who is white with black spots. And there are literally penguins EVERYWHERE. I asked her how one would go about collecting soo many tokens of this perticular bird, she said “once people know you like something they seem to look out for that thing for you, its been a lifetime.” That has made me decide to tell you that Tim really likes unicorns, and if you should ever come across a Unicorn tolken, pick it up and send it to his doorstep, he would really appreciate it! Also he like wolf sweaters, howling at the moon is a popular one, or if it has a whizard in it, he wil take it too. Got to go, Zoltans making pancakes and tea! Hooozah!  -Jem 

Tims first blog…”legitly” (as jemma would say)

I just couldn’t stand Jemmas constant nagging any longer, I finally have to buckle down and write one of these things. If any past blogs have been signed by me dont believe it, you probably noticed jemma’s low english though and as you’ve already realized my writing style is much more sensitive and thoughtful, like a newborn kitten taking his first steps of life.

We are in Newmarket Ontario at a waterfront post & beam cottage that appears to be made of railroad ties, lenolium and smells like the 60s. We’re staying with a sweet guy named Chris. He was the bass player for a sweet old school sounding band last night called the Elwins. (who you should check out by the way) I woke up this morning to Dennis crawling into my bed and licking my face until i gave him attention. Dennis is a cat by the way….thats awkward.

Anyways we played at place called the Jam spot last night, good turn out, alot of short shorts, V-necks and awkward teenage boys with something to prove to every girl in the room. It was a fun show though. I haven’t really read any of Jemmas blogs so I dont know what she’s told you but one thing thats definitely getting us on the east side is the humidity level; Its constant and terrible. I would write more but Jemma is in need of the computer which is rather ironic considering she’s the one thats making me write this. I’ll write a longer one in a day or two, I promise.

Cunning brain + plyable brawn = good team

I am not to sure how to start this blog off today, we are currently in Ontario and for the next week and a half our drives are limited to only like a couple hours, that is nice cause it gives us time to sleep in and do other stuff in town and meet more people. That has been my fave thing about Ontario so far, all the crazy people and they are generally super kind, we were just given a box full of goodies, of which i have already infiltrated and extracted a trusty nanimo bar. Last night was a great show in Hamilton, a great cafe called “my dog joe” gave us amazing food and we had a awsome crowd who were stoked to hear us. Today has been of similar consistancy. We are excited to head into Quebec in a bit and try out our french, when Zoltan and I were exchanging french phrases he proceeded to say “Hello, I am a big cheese.” This is really the life, travelling anywhere the trusty “big pig” (as a man from the states called the van) will take us, playing our own music to anyone who will listen, and getting connected and fermiliar with our own vast counrty. Thanks so much for all the support we have recieved from friends and family. Also, contrairy to the rumour branching around informing people how I verbally harass Tim so that he cant blog, and that he is so scared of the wrath of my bicepts that he wont challange my authority so he can blog, is basically true. He is though, always and forever my trusted allie, and together…with my cunning brain and his plyable brawn, we make a good team.

Cornerstone to Chicago to C-Ontario

So cornerstone is done and gone, Tim and I feel contented after seeing some pretty awsome bands and being introduced to others. It was sooooo hot though! 100 degrees F, unitl late at night. Sorry this blog is so short but I have to go make an omlet and get some coffee. I would just like to thank our Father specifically on this day, dad, you are crackalackin!;) haha and we love you.


Sorry the blogging has been nill over the past few days. We didnt have wifi for two of the days, so that is my excuse. We are currently in the States, we played Minniapolis last night then drove to Ohio where we are right now. The drive yesterday was soooo hot! Lovaly as the van is, our windows do not roll down, nor does the air conditioning work, at least we have a saunna with which we can chill in. We were also introduced by Zoltan to the wonderful world of US fast food. Which when described in cheap large quantities seem to have magical properties. Yesterday we saw 3 grown men running in the sun after the show with only super short shorts on…so Tim and Zoltan ran after them in an ettempt to ‘ghost’ them..if you dont know what that is, its kind of like a sport where you see who can stay really close behind someone until they notice that you’re there. They got pretty close but I think the speedo guys sped up after looking around and probably getting worried. Good thing our “speedometer” isnt working on the van…Mehhhhhh. So for the next 5 days we are at cornerstone festival and apperently there is no wifi. So I can not contact you. We have been introduced to many family members along the way aswell, Zoltan said that he is going to get some of his friends to come up to Tim and I and tell them to tell us that theyre related to us, because every one seems to be doing it. It has happened on 4 consecutive times so far, its pretty much the best when someone comes up and says, so I think we’re second cousins? We have a long drive ahead of us today, im gonna peace. Love you all and have a fabulous week without school!

We also miss Malindi too…and Shona and Jordinsky..!


Van Happenings. Act 1:1

Van Happenings. Act 1:1

Peace River show was awsome! The mayor of PeaceRiver’s name is Lorne Mann…isnt that crazy? So he came and got T-shirts and pictures and was very pleased. There is also a P.R odity that everyone got to see except me, the dog that rides on the motorcycle with sun glasses and a helmet, with a human behind him of course. He rode by about 5 times and each time I was either in the bathroom or looking the wrong way or just not paying attention. The purpose of my evening was now to witness this extravaganza, but unfortunatly I remain ignorant of the talented dog spectacle. The previous show in Prince George was awsome, having everyone singing honey in my tea is now one of my favorite memories and will be for a long time to come. Seeing family and friends was super cool! We miss you all and think about you all the time. For all our friends who drove from Quesnel, you guys are so fantastic, we love you. On a blog note, Tim is warming up to the idea of actualy writing one himself. For me its like traning a cat to swim, I cant just make him do it, I have to slowly dip each paw in the water then when he bends down to sniff the water, I push him in. He’s almost at the sniffing the water stage. A special thanks to Mitch, who generously gave our van provisions to survive, we feel priveledged to eat bree cheese in these tough times;) Thanks Mitchell. We are on our way to edmonton right now, aww theres a donkey! The drives are quite lovaly, driving through dawson creek was gorgeous. Im startin to get car sick writing this. Blog you soon!